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Home Bible Study Lessons

These Home Bible Study lessons are provided free of charge, and are available for you in two options, depending on your preference.  The first option allows you to print the lesson and fill in your answers by hand, and mail the completed lesson back to us.  The second option is available online, and allows you to access the lesson directly on your computer or mobile device, answer the questions online and submit the completed lesson back to us for further follow-up.


Just choose the option below that you prefer, and follow the instructions provided.

(If you have any questions or problems, please select "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page.)

Option One - Lesson One -  The Bible, God's Holy word

The first option is to print the lesson, fill it out and mail it in.

1. Click on the Bible Study Lesson below to open the PDF document.  

2. Print the lesson using your web browser's "Print" or "Print preview" function.

3. Answer the questions and return the completed lesson to the address below.

After printing and completing the lesson,

mail it to the following address...

John Denney

Chase Park church of Christ

1640 Winchester Rd. NE

Huntsville, AL  34811

Option two - Lesson One -  The Bible, God's Holy word

The second option is to access the lesson online, fill it out on your computer, and submit the completed lesson back to us.


To access Lesson 1 online, then

answer the questions and submit online.

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