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Chase Park T.A.L.E.N.T.S
Visitation Ministry Software

Our local ministry software for tracking the progress of visitation assignments

Polishing the Pulpit Library

View high-quality Video and Audio

sermons, Bible classes, and training.

Scroll down for instructions about accessing the PTP365 Library.

Bible Bowl Questions

An online Study Tool that allows individual or group study sessions of the Bible Bowl questions for current and prior years.

June 14th and 15th 2024 Diana Singing


World Video Bible School

WVBS has Bible study materials of all kinds from foundational to advanced level studies of God's word.

Apologetics Press

An excellent Christian apologetics site.

They provide quality material on topics such as the existence of God, origins, modern science, and Biblical credibility.

Bible Land Passages

This site provides a wonderful series of videos that provide scholarly insight concerning the lands of the Bible. 

Gospel Broadcasting Network

GBN provides Christian programing online. There are a variety of Biblical programs for all ages.

Christian Courier

This site has many Biblical articles on a wide range of topics by Wayne Jackson.

House to House/Heart to Heart

This site has a variety of articles on many different topics which can be read online or subscribed to for printed mailings.

Instructions for accessing Polishing the Pulpit Library


     1)  Go to

     2)  Click on Sign Up in the upper right hand corner

     3)  Select “I am a member of a subscribing congregation”

     4)  Enter “Chase Park Church of Christ” and click Sign Up

     5)  Enter your first and last name and your email address and click Sign Up

At this point, an email will be sent for confirmation of member status.

Please be patient, this confirmation step could take a little time.

Once confirmed, you should receive an email with subject,

“Start watching PTP365”.

You should then create your own password in

order to complete setting up your account.

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