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2017 G.O.'s

One of the last commands that Jesus gave on this earth was for His disciples to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."  This command is for every person who would wear the name of Christ in their life.  As we go forth to fulfill this "Great Commission" of our Lord to us, we must remember that we cannot control who will have a study with us or who will decide to be baptized.  There is only one component of this effort that we individually control.  That component is whether we take advantage of each "Gospel Opportunity" (G.O.) in our life. 


In Ezekiel 3:17-21, God tells Ezekiel to speak what he heard from God to the people.  It is made clear that whether the people responded or not was not his primary mission - Ezekiel's mission was to make certain that they had the opportunity to hear what God said so that they could choose how they would respond. 


It is extremely hard to have a response without an opportunity.  The farmer who never sows seed will not have something to reap. The G.O. effort is an endeavor to sow seed everywhere in the hope of finding every small patch of good soil.  That is what Jesus taught in the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23). 

A G.O. can be a number of actions on our part:

  • Telling someone how God has blessed your life

  • Referring to the Bible and "what God has said" in social, moral, or cultural discussion

  • Inviting someone to our services

  • Discussing the Bible in general

  • Asking someone if they would like to study the Bible

  • Conducting or assisting in a personal Bible study

  • Knocking a door for the church (each door is an opportunity)

  • Reaching out to Christians that have fallen away to encourage them to return Christ

  • Many other ways that present themselves on a daily basis as we live and shine Christ in our lives to the world.

Each week, we simply ask that you anonymously submit the number or estimated number of G.O.'s in your week.  These submissions can be made below or on paper at the hospitality desk at the church building.  Submissions will be added to our meter above to gauge small degree of our efforts to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord.  The goal for this year requires that each member have only 5 G.O.'s per month.  Any faithful Christian should far exceed that number.


Goal: 25,000

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